My boss has suggested that the management team of my company get together on a weekend to discuss our strategy.

From talking to people who were involved last time this happened, the strategy meeting involved prioritizing a list of current tasks.

I suggested that we use some existing tools/frameworks to capture strategy and use it to help guide our decisions in the future.  She asked me to bring some examples to the next mgmt meeting.

I've listened to the SWOT/Strategy 'casts and have some examples (from Pfeffer's Human Equation and a "Gap Analysis" from pragmattic marketing) that seem like they'd be useful.  I also just found this site ( which lists many different alternatives.

I'd like to be very pragmatic about this.  It seems like the only thing that was missing from the SWOT cast, was a guide to capturing the strategy and using it to make future decisions.  But maybe I didn't listen closely enough.  Did I miss some bit of advice.

Am I headed in the right direction, or over-analyzing?  Can some one provide any advice on the last step of creating strategy?  Any other posts, 'casts, or resources I can look to.


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M&M did not cover the steps following strategy formulation.  

There have been a couple discussions regarding this, especially this one:

 and this one:


And here’s a discussion on strategic goals.

You should listen to the podcast related thereto:


The key is translating the strategy into action:  What is the goal, what do we need to do to get there, how do we do it, and how do we measure our progress towards that goal?  

John Hack 

(PS:  I know you know some of this stuff...just trying to be complete)