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I'm having a hard time finding the feedback document referenced on page 142 of the Effective Manager book. I think this same document is referenced in the "Rolling out the Trinity" casts as a hand out to directs when introducing feedback. I've looked on the "There's a Cast for That" book resource page (which has the sample O3 intro email) as well as the Feedback casts and Rolling out casts pages in the Basics series. I've also tried the site search and the Downloadable Forms page. I'm sure I'm just missing it but I've looked long enough I have to admit that I need help. If it's on one of these pages i've listed and I just keep missing it, please tell me and I'll look again, again.

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Canyon R

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Those are the slides for the cast but I don't think this is what they were referencing. The book says "We've got a free feedback document on our website that gives you everything you need. Hand it out to your directs." The slides don't really fit that discription. Unless someone from the MT team confirms that i'm just reading it wrong and the slides are infact what they are referencing.

Thank you

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Please can someone help to point us in the right direction. It states in the amazing book on Page 142 the following: "We've got a free feedback document on our website that gives you everything you need. Hand it out to your directs." I'd really love to be able to hand this out to them tomorrow... HELP!!! Thanks everyone at MT

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On the top right of the home page there is a little post-it labelled "There's a Cast for that" which lists all the casts referenced in the book. If you scroll down it lists "feedback document" which links you to the slides.
I have used the slides when explaining feedback to my staff.

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It seems like they are not on the site anymore, I only get a page not found, or the 2 page "How to Give Feedback", not the PPT slides that used to be there.    Is there another link to them somewhere or are they no longer available?

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I get an Access Denied error message.

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Message me and I'll provide the slides I have.

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If you message me to provide the slides I have, please don't forget to include your email address

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Looking for slides to help brief my team about the feedback model. All I can find are slides that seem appropriate if I were a director telling my management team about the model. I need something to help my directs understand.

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Here is a link to the slides in question:

Enjoy :)

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Thank you for the link!