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LOVED the "When a Boss Asks for Candor" podcasts! Since I deliver new manager training (using Mark's book of course - grinning) I also captured Buffett's comment about Nicely: "He is a model for everything a manager shoujld be." 

Our company has moved from a traditional 9-box performance management model to one emphasizing our leaders/managers be more "coach like" and have regular conversations.  We do include the MT Trinity plus 1 (again we use "The Effective Manager") which provides a foundation.  We also teach specific skills associated with being more "coach like," e.g., using powerful coaching questions, being a level 5 listener, having strong relationship based on trust, etc.

We also talk about "coaching up."  The "candor" podcasts provided me with some essential and critically important information and supported the absolute need for a trusting relationship and being very deliberate (and cautious) if "coaching up" / "feedback" is requested.  I have spent considerable time looking for more data and informatoin on "coaching up."  I have researched using our Gartner (CEB) subscription, gOEbase ( license), Ebsco, my American Psychological Assocation database subscription, etc.  Honestly, nothing!

So I'm curious.  In additional the great content from the Candor podcasts, does anyone have any additional information, resources, guidance, research, etc. on "coaching up" in organizations?  That would cover individual contributions invited to "coach up" / provide feedback to managers, mangers to directors, directors to officers, etc.  I believe and emphasize that strong trust is the necessary condition and Mark highlights some other essentials in the podcasts.  Just looking for more.


Ed Nottingham (long time licensee)