Hi everyone,

I really appreciated the podcast on checking candidate references and have rewritten my hiring procedures to match the recommendations. Thanks to the MT team!

A couple of things I may have missed:

- Do you only conduct reference checks by phone? I much prefer phone but occasionally get someone who wants to do it by email. Any recommendations for that?

- I used to ask a standard question about whether the referee has any relationship with the candidate outside of the job (e.g., they might be a family member, or play soccer together, etc.). Do you think this is worth asking? Any specific recommendations?

- I used to ask for comments about 4 specific job skills. Following MT recommendations, I could inquire about skills when I ask about the candidate's fit for the role. Do you think it would work if I turn that question into a series? -- e.g.,

  • "We're considering Allie for a facilitator position. That role involves 4 key skills: organization, academic, interpersonal, and flexibility. Could you comment on Allie's fit (ability) in each of these areas?"

Thanks for reading my questions.