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BLUF - I would like one of my directs to receive special attention for outstanding work and performance during my 2 week unscheduled absence. can I "write him up"?

Background - I am new to management and I have one direct report. At the worst possible time for our 1 year old division, I was called for Jury Duty for a 2-week trial. This put my direct in a position that no one should be in and he performed well above and beyond expectations. even though he had to work alone most of the time and do duties well beyond his role, EVERYTHING that was critical got done in the two weeks I was out.

Sidebar - Another example of the importance of the delegation and coaching model Mark and Mike have been speaking about for 7+years! A lesson I won't forget anytime soon.

Thank you Mark, Mike, & the MT community!

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  1. I would send him a hand written thank you note.
  2. I would certainly send an email to him copying my supervisor (and in some cases everyone up to CEO) and specifically detailing why.
  3. If I saw the CEO or COO in the hallway, I'd make it a point to let them know and ask if they would compliment him themselves.
  4. I would also attempt to thank him in front of his peers at an upcoming meeting or online (we use Yammer for internal social media).
  5. I'd check with HR to see what I needed to do to put something in his permanent file.
  6. I would make a point of mentioning this to the appropriate people when he interviews for other internal positions outside of my department.
  7. I would consider him near the top or at the top of the list for any openings in high potential leadership classes or executive coaching/mentoring opportunities if he was qualified.

Think this is too much? It's not in my environment. This is one of those rare opportunities when it's possible to show "loyalty down."



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 Thank you. I intend to pursue all seven as they are applicable. I simply could not have a better direct!