I'm curious to hear feedback on my tactics for calendar management from the community.

Every morning after I've gone through emails and addressed anything urgent I block off any remaining free space on my calendar for the following day. This also means that every morning I come in to a 'full day' on my calendar with no availability which saves me from same-day requests for my time.

additional info...

- My boss is aware and knows that if she needs me I can be available

- I work on long term strategy - rarely does anything come up that must be addressed same day

- Many people outside my immediate silo want my time. rarely do these associated requests align with any of my priorities

My questions...

- do you see any 'flaws' or opportunities for improvement to this strategy that I've missed?

- I often have to say 'no' or more likely 'not now' to requests for my time - does anybody have good scripts that they use to reject meetings outright instead of proposing a new time?

"Based on my current priorities of xyz, i can't devote any attention to this. Try talking to Bob who may be able to help you" - thoughts?