We are a growing company in quick service restaurant industry. As we have now 22 restaurants located in 4 different areas in the same country, we need to build an excellent operation structure, salary structure,...  We just hired a new COO and I was recently promoted to a new HR department (of 1, just me). As we have little experience with salary structure, I’d like to hear about your experiences and advice about that matter.

We have job’s description and a couple of important goals to achieve (which are currently not achieved actually). Our managers, and our supervisors (managers of  managers) are trained on the spot and have no diploma or even courses in management or any other related area.

I’ve spend a lot of time reading about performance appraisal but it seems too heavy for our needs. I’ve some difficulties to adapt theories to “mere mortal’s life” for our people J. Can you help me on that with some examples and advices ? Thanks everybody ! J