During our monthy one on one meeting with my boss, he would like me to give him feedback on his performance.

Yes, I did say monthly one on one :)

I have to meet with him tomorrow. We have a good relationship. I genuinely would like to help him with honest feedback. At the same time, I remember the MT rule about giving feedback upwards.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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I tried this once with a direct pre-MT - it turned out to be a bad idea! My boss also asked me this once - I did, and it turned out to be a bad idea!

MT has it right on this one. Don't do it.

If I was in your situation I would not be using the MT feedback model, keeping it light, and positive only. Just get yourself the hell out of that situation as gently as possible. Even if you think you have a good relationship, don't actually try to change his behaviour with feedback.


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*Caveat emptor: I haven't listened to the cast, but I'd like to weigh-in before hand*

Can't you just keep it positive?

Hey boss, I'd love to share some feedback with ya. When the first thing you say to me is "how's your day?" it lightens the mood around here. Thanks!

Even if he doesn't do that behavior regularly, you've still satisfied his request and encouraged future behavior. If he pushes for negative feedback, give it to him by saying, "when you ask me for negative feedback, I don't feel prepared since you're my boss." or something that addresses your reason for avoiding his request.

If he THEN says, "no, dude. What can I do better" and you defer/ignore it again, I think you're making perfect the enemy of the good. You're professional and mature so you can deliver negative feedback without getting fired, I'm sure ha.

I'll go back and listen to the cast, because my boss just did this with our team!


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 Mark answered a similar question not too long ago on this thread: 

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 If the boss has himself insisted on giving a feed back on his performance then you should be honest about what all Good & worse things are happening and affecting business and things that are not flexible under his position which is hampering business but in an Genuine way, Don’t try to be too harsh after all he is the boss. So just explain him how better decision would yield in the better result. 

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Don't do it.  Listen to the cast.

For you (or any direct) - This situation is all risk, no reward.