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What is the best way to offboard employees?

I have had two folks retire recently and will have one more soon. There are 9 people on our team. It is tough loosing people. Especially when they can't be replaced.

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Losing people is always hard- I am sorry you’re going through this. I would suggest looking through our resignation casts and then reversing the process to see what actions you should take. For instance, if the person leaving were to prepare a transition document, how would it be used within the team? Could it be leveraged into actions taken to transition the role? There might also be value in doing some succession planning. Who is ready now? Who will be ready next? What needs to happen for those people to be ready?

I would suggest that the people leaving do a few things. First, go through our resignation steps. Second, create a transition file. Third, start to have peer One on Ones with their replacement in order to smoothly transition their efforts. Then, you and the team can leverage these efforts into a process to shift the efforts of the team members that are leaving. In this way, you can build the basics of an off boarding process to smoothly transition work. I have pasted links to our succession planning and resignation casts below.

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