How do I list community service and board memberships on my resume when the accomplishments (planning, coordination, negotiation) relate to a job that I aspire to?

If the services were all done as a volunteer then do I mention these volunteer experiences in the cover letter rather than a section on my resume?

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I'm not sure about the US experience but once I reached executive level I started including Board positions as any other job, especially if the role involved doing more than showing up for occasional meetings.



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AS the last bullet (unlikely you would list more than one) under the job that you were in when you accomplished it.


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I treat volunteerism as another position, although I treat it as a lowest priority. I'll trim my resume to include only the pertinent accomplishment bullets after seeing what the position wants. If I have no more room for volunteerism after going through my work experiences, then so be it. If I still have some room, all the better.

The place where my volunteerism really comes in handy (and probably the only place for me) is when employers seek contracting experience. The only place I really have this experience is being President of my Homeowners' Association. Granted, I haven't had an interview for this type of work yet, but I'm ready if it comes up. :wink: