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I'm having good success with the trinity in the areas for which I have management responsibility.  However it's other parts of the company where I'm interested in the possibilities of extending it out to other areas on our site.

Many of the people on site are unionized blue collar staff.  I'm interested in getting a perception on where the difference are in applying the trinity when compared with a white collar workforce.  Any thoughts?

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Hi Chris,

Great question. Despite collar color, industry, compensation, location, etc... all managers still have to acheive results and retention. That's what the Trinity is designed to accomplish. I've used the tools in a union environment and found tremendous success. Every CBA has a "right to manage" clause and the Trinity behaviors should fall under that. In fact, the shop-stewards and union reps got to the point where they found humor if someone brought up "favortism" because they knew everyone got the same 30 minutes each week for a One On One and when there were performance conversations, everyone heard "Can I give you some feedback?". Where I could see some potential for concern would be Coaching and Delegation if you were going to persue them doing something outside their scope of work. Honestly, if you just implemented O3s and FB, you'd be light years ahead of most managers in similar environments.