my name is Jordy I'm currently business informatics. i found this website true the podcast and thought i would have a look true it and look at the forums :). you all seem friendly.

Hoping you can help me out with a some general information about managing and becoming a manager and after that becoming a good manager ofcourse. so my first question is how do you become a manager is it pure true growth in a company ore are there also company's that are looking for managers fresh out of school. because most that i found is company's looking for managers with 5 years or more experience. what do i do? do i just applie for the job and give a good motivation. or is is just a waste of time and should i take some kind of other job where i can grow into a managing fuction.

hope you can help me out :)


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 The normal way is to start at the bottom of an organization, show initiative and results, and then get promoted into a managerial role. It is very unlikely that an organization will hire a manager "straight out of school" or even someone that has already work experience but not as a manager. As Mark explains in some of the podcasts: you can either move from one company to the next, or move up in rank, but not both at the same time.