I am a huge fan of Peter Drucker and his writing, but now I am interested in reading a biography about him. I looked around and there is a half a dozen of them out there including an autobiography. Does anyone have a recommendation? Is one considerably better than the rest?

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I really liked "Inside Drucker's Brain" which is a biography both of Drucker and his ideas. I read it and enjoyed it!

This book was reviewed by Mark here:


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"Adventures of a By-Stander" is a great book.  It is mostly about his youth and early career, before he got into management. consulting.

It provides insights on how the experiences of a life with interesting people can blossom into a career based on perceiving things others appear to be blind to.

Each chapter centers on his perception of one of the more interesting people in his early life.

The first chapter (his Grandmother) is hilarious.  A proper Viennese woman (eine echte gnaedige Frau) who saw reality when everybody else saw masks and props.  I still laugh whenever I think about her.

One of the later chapters was about how Cadillac made people productive, regardless of who they were.  And how unaware people can destroy careers and lives in a single thoughtless act.  I still cry whenever I think of this.

If you know a bit about Peter Drucker's writings,  this book explains where the motives for those writings come from.