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I'm a long-time MT and CT listener, attendee at both workshops, and happy owner of the Resume Workbook.  I put it all to good use as my current contract winds down and my client starts surprise layoffs and realignments.

Talked through my network starting last November.  Between Christmas and New Year's a friend's manager lost a key man and needs my skills.  We phone-screened each other ten days ago (Thursday) based on MT-standard one-page resume.  Five days later, interviews.  Next day, the offer arrived, a good one.  Next day, I accepted.

I'd not have known of the position without networking ingrained from the podcasts.  I'd not have attracted attention without the concise, incisive resume from working through the resume workbook -- interviewers in three layers of hierarchy commented on its uniqueness and ease of use.  I'd not have gotten the offer, much less so quickly, without the preparation guided by the interview podcasts.  I'd not have accepted so confidently without the podcasts on offers.

The company I'm going into expects to double in size this year, and add as many people next year.  I can easily see myself contributing as an effective technical, communications, and managerial mentor alongside my technical work.  And, just like I intended, the shorter commute gives me back two hours a day for my family and faith.

This stuff WORKS, all you new-to-Manager-Tools folks, no matter how hard it might be to believe on first hearing.  Use it;  use it wisely and well!

-- Joseph (DiSC 4247)