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I am hoping someone has been through what I am and can point me in the right direction. For the last few months, I have been the head of a department that was a division of our parent company's IS department but reported to the upper management of my company. The company I work for had its own IS department at one time (5 years ago), but now we outsource all of our IT needs to our parent company.

The owner of the company decided he wanted a new web site for the division I report to. Since I am the only department in IS that reports to management of my division, I was given the responsibility to make this web site.

The day after I was given this news, a lower level manager in IS call me to tell me my guys were no longer eligible for some of the IS benefits. They stated I was no longer part of IS. I was surprised and replied that they must be mistaken and that they should speak with their manager. The manager got back with me late that night and let me know that they were correct.

I went to my manager to verify this information, they knew nothing about this change. They tried to call two of the upper managers in IS and both had left early that day for vacation. I also found out later that day that the CIO had HR pull every one in my department off the IS org chart and had their titles changed.

IS's actions have my team members concerned because if I do not get the benefits issues resolved it could effect them financially. This change also limits their chance for advancement.

I have had a team meeting and one-on-one with each of my team members to discuss this. My management is trying to get this figured out, but IS is not getting back to them. They are planning on going above IS to get answers because of this.

So I guess my questions are:

Is there any thing else I can do to help put my team members' concerns at ease?

Should I step in and talk to IS since they will not return my boss's calls?

When in meetings with IS team members they make rude comments about me working on the web site. I respond back with “this is not the time or place for this”, should I be doing something else?

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Sounds like your boss needs to do what he said he would. It's not a great situation, but other than talking to your boss, and being clear about the issue, I'd say give it some time.

Two weeks from now, start thinking differently.

Regarding the comments - what kind of comments? And my likely answer is, say nothing.