Been listening for ages but I have never got around to making time to visit the forums. Decided to do so now, so I figure I better introduce myself :)

I'm a first time manager (had the title before but back then it didn't mean anything to me) and IT system administrator, who has been in the post less then a year. I got 1 direct (and one open position).

I work in IT for a (small) company, which has 2 locations. My 1 direct is located on the other site. We meet face-to-face once a week, and use phones and IM technology to make sure we know what the other is working on.

Still getting to grips with my responsibilities as a manager, but enjoying it so far.

Love Manager Tools and have learned a lot so far. I am sure that without the cast I'd have run away screaming already.

Oh to add insult to injury, I'm a Dutch guy who lives in Scotland... So having to cope with a different work ethic as well. Good thing they are way more laid back here then back home :)

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Hi Timov,

Welcome aboard, like you I live and work in Scotland but I'm not Scottish, although after 18 years I view it as my home and my two girls are Scottish, it will be nice to have another "celtic" perspective on things.

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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

There are folks more laid back than the Dutch?!? Scots?? I must've missed that on my trips.

Welcome aboard. Mike and I are trying to get back to Europe early next year to say hello to our members there.

Again, my apologies.