I have 12 direct reports who all interact with a varying number of customers.  Our CRM system is virtually inaccessible to me in a way that would assist with status reporting on interactions with these customers.  

Has anyone found a lightweight tool for gathering status reports from direct reports (web based?) 

One of the key challenges for me is that my staff's interaction with customers comes and goes ... it may be two or three weeks in one quarter and then come back in a quarter for another 2 or 3 weeks where it would be good to see the history of that interaction with that customer for the year to date when they submit a new status. 

So the criteria are: 


  • lightweight (not excel or Word)
  • easy to consolidate status reports across team members 
  • maintains history of submitted status reports



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I co-founded a company,, that does exactly what you're asking: simple, online status reports, easily accessible report history, unified view and customized standard format across all employees.  As for the customer interactions, your team can use # hashtags while writing status updates to call out customers (e.g. #customer) - you will be able to view all status related to a hashtag across your team.  We also have integrated objectives if you track those too.  If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.

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We've started using One Note for a similar thing.   

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We've started using One Note for a similar thing.   

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 It seems that you are looking for something that Weekdone does ( It is an online status reporting software that on a weekly basis pulls all the information together and sends an automatically compiled report straight to your inbox. You can also use its mobile apps, if you're on the run.