I will be starting a new position as a Senior Manager in an IT organization in the next few weeks.

I just joined as a "premium" member as well so I wanted to find out if there are any specific podcasts that cover the first days/months of taking a new senior management type of position. Are there areas I should cover more than others?

Also, it sounds like the following books would be a good recommendation that I found while searching about the first days of taking a new position.

1. Insights for the Journey: Navigating to Thrive, Enjoy, and Prosper in Senior Management

2. The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels


Any other websites or resources I should be looking at ? Any tips/recommendations?



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Take a look at:

There was a thread a few years ago about the most helpful MT podcasts when starting a new role. Go get 'em!