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BLUF: My question is: once I have a convert to DISC, someone interested in learning more, with which podcasts and in what order would you all recommend they start learning?

I have been preaching the power of the DISC model in my organization for a while now. I tell people regularly that it is hands-down, bar-non the most powerful communication tool I have ever encountered. 

My thoughts: The first DISC podcast I ever listened to was about Feedback, but I don't want anyone turned off if they don't know the Feedback model (esp. if they are not actually a manager). The individual D, I, S, and C podcasts are very deep but aren't great as intro in my opinion. And the Effective Communication casts are out as starters (if for no other reason than cost)



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rolling out disc to your team part 1 is an in depth discussion about the 4 styles and really good as an intro

personally, i love the 'handling conflict with a high X' and 'the high X downfall' casts. 

To your point.  While the detailed individual D I S C casts are quite deep, it is the very revealing nature of the detail in them that touches and engagess the listener (in this case me)  and convinced me that this was the real deal.  I wouldn't be afraid to have them listen to theirs and yours as introductions.

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