I suspect there is an old thread or cast that touches on this, but I'll be darned if I can recall it.

Here goes. I recently had an opportunity to attend my first senior management meeting in my new region -- engaged in active listening, marveled at those (including some junior people) who used blackberries while the head was speaking, and generally felt pretty MT. Our meetings are held with tables in a U shape (basically a rectangle with one of the short ends lopped off). Is there an optimal position to select where you have the best vantage point to observe the participants? I noticed that studying the listeners was equally valable to studying and listening to the speakers. It's pretty cool to be part of a community where the level is so high I would even be thinking about something like this. Kudos!!!



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1. The best place to sit in a meeting is where you can see the leader of the meeting most clearly without turning your head excessively, and/or where you can see your boss similarly.

2.  That structure, by the way, is the WORST meeting structure EVER.  Not that you want to point it out to anyone. ;-)

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Next to someone you don't know.

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I really think that active listening can be a massive competitve advantage in meetings. I have noticed that I have been able to obtian leadership type roles in groups by sitting there quietly listning and only making few but relevent and usefull coments. This seems to ensure that when you speak people stop and listen as they know that your coments seem to me more usefull than average.



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It was an interesting couple days. By either dumb luck (or MT engrainment) had a good shot at both the leaders and the boss. Very instructive week!! Thanks, guys...