Wendii's Mad, Sad & Glad prompts me to start this thread. 

What's the best excuse for taking a day off you've heard (or given) ?

I'll start. 

A guy we work with had his wife ring us the day after his birthday to explain he wasn't coming to work.  The reason given - "Adrian can't come to work today because he has eaten too much birthday cake"

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A school friend had a big night out and got her friend to ring the office for her and say she wont be in.  The excuse her friend thought of was pretty good.  "She can't come in today because she slipped in a fountain and broke both her legs"

Plenty of surprised looks when she walked in fine the subsequent day.

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I remembered I called in to my boss after my 21st bday to say I was sick.  But my very cool boss called out my bluff and asked how my 21st bday went.  I of course replied, too good! 

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A direct once attempted to call in with "Industral Fatigue".

I surmised he was tired of working, rather than tired from working, based on observed behavior. Needless to say, he was charged wih vacation days instead of the sick leave he requested. The greivance was denied.



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One of my staff called me to say she had to watch her cat throw up!! Then said that "well others can stay home when their kids are sick"! I could not stop laughing :)