If you could share 10-15 minutes of a podcast with managers unfamiliar with Manager Tools, which podcast & selection would you pick?

I get 20 minutes to lead a professional development session at our next staff meeting at a small nonprofit with 5 managers. I'm thinking about playing a selection from manager tools, leading a brief discussion, and seeing if it ripples out from there.

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Wow...that is a tough one! There is so much content and good material to choose.

Here is a YouTube Video overview:

Perhaps, you could consider selecting a cast pertitent to a particular, known, issue you all are working on together.

To what extent have you already "pre-wired" the meeting by sharing links to casts with your peers in the past?

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Maybe something from this...

I'm guessing that no-one will want you to stop it before the 23 minutes is up.

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Thank you both! How funny that you both chose the same one. I ended up sharing the first 10 minutes of the One-on-Ones cast, as it's a pertinent issue & doing "check ins" with our direct reports is something we have all talked about previously. I will share this link as something to watch/listen to if they are interested further.

It went well! Several of my coworkers have mentioned elements of the cast since then & said they enjoyed it. My manager even started calling her part of the staff meeting the "waterfall" on the agenda, which they mention briefly in the O3 cast. I will continue to talk up the cast and hope to do 10 minutes of the feedback cast next time it's my turn!



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MT/CT's guidance through the years have been my open "secret" to success. The practices, counsel, guidance are all invaluable.  The casts (and I am a paying licensee for the Interview Series and other services) are a foundational component of my continual professional development.