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Hi All,

I haven't posted in a while. I recently started a new job–thank you for the 'casts on that subject, which along with Michael Watkins' work have been invaluable.

The process of preparing and orienting myself in the new role has created in me a new appreciation for the benefits that I have reaped from my exposure to MT.

I guess the first on the list would be the fact that the way in which I managed my directs over the past couple of years was validated by the fact that the position that I left was filled by one of those directs. Of course the individual deserves the largest amount of credit, but it is certainly true that I had no hesitation recommending him on the basis of my knowledge of him (through one-on-ones, coaching per MT model, and data collection pursuant to performance review), which knowledge was richer and deeper because of the tools and the philosophy of the MT way.

Second, it seems clear to me, and hopefully will soon to my new directs, that I am so much better at being a manager now than I was three years ago, mostly through MT, and through explorations in management techniques the curiousity about which was awakened by my exposure to MT.

And finally, and more subtly, I have approached the new role (my first change of company after 26 years!) with what I can only describe as an internal, zen-like calm. And I am sure that is because I feel like I know what I am doing, I have a consistent, effective approach to managing, and I have (some of) the tools that will allow me to bring that approach to bear. There's no better antidote for trepidation than having a plan that you know can be effective, and knowing how to execute it.

I was going to ask for advice on rolling out the Trinity with my new team, but given the length of this post I will make another thread for that.

So I will conclude by saying an awfully big "Thank You!!" to Mark & Mike, and all the contributors to this forum who have made my life easier, and me better over the past 3 years.

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Congratulations on the new job!   Keep us posted on how things are going and what you're learning...


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Thanks John. You're one of the contributors that I had in mind, so thanks for that too.

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Well done sir!  The efforts you made on behalf of your direct who was promoted are, we think, some of the core of one's professional legacy.  His effectiveness will touch THOUSANDS of people, and he'll do so because of you.

Best wishes in your new role.