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I am a longstanding fan of the site and its creators, and have found the DISC tool particularly helpful. I am finally introducing myself as I hope to attend the London meetup this Friday. I manage a Mental Health Social Work Service, and currently have 2 DRs, with a total staff of 36. The Social Workers work with people who have committed serious offences when mentally ill. We are employed by a Local Authority but work in, and are funded by, a Hospital Trust, so we have complicated issues about accountability and ownership to deal with.

Thank you so much for all your work Mike and Mark, and thanks also to those brave members of the MT community who contribute to discussions. I'll try and speak up a bit more :!:

5147 (Creative pattern, but I don't do fluffy creative)

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Nice to meet you, David. It sounds like you work in an interesting field that is open to a lot of potential change. I hope you have a great time at the meet!

(Unfortunately, I won't be there. A bit too much of a commute from South Carolina!)

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what happened to making the effort? Honestly, the excuses you come up with :-)

David - look forward to meeting you Friday!


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Welcome, David!

I'm always pleased when someone new joins, but particularly so when they work in social services. I'm in a university and enjoy hearing about management issues in the non-profit sector.

I hope you have a great time at the meet-up, Londoners!

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Wendii - I tried, but I couldn't get the company to cover it - maybe your HR person could talk to my HR person and we could work something out?

Really, London is on the Someday/Maybe list. I've old friends who live nearby that I would dearly love to visit - and new friends it would be wonderful to get to know better!

Enjoy the meeting and take pictures!