Hello everyone;

I was recently promoted to a new position in another city. On my first week of being in my new position my new boss announced that I will be placed in charge of everyone in the department while he moves up into a new position. I am still getting used to this new position and learning about the culture (I remember the first 90 days about "fitting in"). I have told my new boss that I would like to "learn the culture and how things are done" and transition slowly but he seems persistent which makes me feel like "the new man on the block" and somewhat uncomfortable.

Any advice on how I can manage both my relationship with my new boss and with my "new subordinates" would be greatly appreciated as I feel a little bit awkward right now.

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What, exactly, is the issue? Are you being asked to shake things up? If not, then you're OK.

You engage with the new subordinates. You go to meetings with them. Established processes are being followed. "Fitting in" in doesn't require sitting on the sidelines. Just don't introduce a new playbook.

So get involved, ask probing questions, show folks that you trust their judgement.


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I suppose that the issue is that I feel that since I am still too new to how they do things I may not be "ready" to take the team as a supervisor. But, after your posting, I think that what I need to do is get more involved, listen to them, perhaps even shift my O3's to my "new subordinates", and go from there. I guess it is just that I have never been in that position before so it seems awkward.

Thanks for the words, I will see what I can do and go from there.

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There is no ready, you don't prepare to learn. You just do it. Get involved right away and treat the situation as if you're the boss.

I'm hearing that you'd like to get used to the idea. You don't have time for that. To be effective, you have to step in right now, as in today. If you do not, you are not established as the leader and you'll fight that as long as you're in this position.

Perhaps it wasn't fair for the old boss not to keep you in the loop on his plans. He should have clued you in so you could be ready for the change. But he didn't and there is no changing that.

Follow the first 90 days rules. Nothing changes today. Start o3s. Feedback starts in a month or two.


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Ken, I think you actually have an advantageous position here. It would be MUCH more awkward, IMO - if you were brought in as a peer for 90 days and then promoted.

BTW, congrats!