I was asked to join a corporate mentor program and be a mentor to someone. I figured, Manager-Tools would have some great advice.... after listening to the first of "How to be and Effective Mentor - Part 1.....quite a bit discouraged. Starting to listen to Part 2....and more of the same so far. 

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Why discouraged? Is the corporate mentorship program requiring something different or less effective?

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The podcasts....they were discouraging. They discouraged the corprate program and shared how ineffective they are. Seems like my organization has picked up some of the same things that Mike and Mark feel strongly are wrong to do. However, I've been asked to participate and I'll make the best of it. In the end, i won't necessarily prove Mike and Mark wrong, but I will make sure this has the best possible outcome one would hope for. I own that now. 

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Understood--since mentoring is valuable, it seems like a lot of places like to try to arrange mentoring to create that value artificially. Well, I hope you can get something good out of it--maybe at least you'll earn a pass to say No Thanks the next time it comes up. :-)


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On the upside this might give you the opportunity to have a positive impact on someone in your organization you may never have encountered without the program.

Who knows you might even make a few MT converts along the way...