I was recently fired only because I was on a sick leave longer than a month. Now I am looking at how to talk about it in an interview.

I have read Wendi's and Mark's advice here on the forum to keep quiet on health issues but as this was the only cause of my termination I have to tell something.

Some details:

* It was a legitimate sick-leave (it's merit was even investigated and OKed by governmental public health insurance institution that actually pays it)

* My health problems were of a temporary nature and they are gone

* Yes, my termination was illegal, immoral and #?&

* But I follow Mark's advice of not trying to change an evil boss and not trying to retaliate in an "exit interview"

I want to move on and I have to have something to say in an interview when asked "Why have you left company A?"

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I recommend no action at the exit interview, I may even recommend not attending or stonewalling.

As they fired you, they almost certainly know why. In the unlikely event they are not aware of an errant manager, then even your remonstrations are unlikely to help you; companies first reflex is to ignore, then deny, so a bad decision by your manager, regardless how egregious, will get support from the company at least in front of you.

That said, if you have good reason to believe you were unlawfully dismissed, go see a lawyer and let him negotiate a settlement and great reference. And in this case I would suggest not participating in the exit interview.

Finally, I sympathise, getting fired sucks, even when you deserve it, and especially when you don't! And as an imaginary Latin dude once said; Illegitimi non carborundum.

Good luck, Mark

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 I re-read and see you mean a new job interview, not an exit interview.

I recommend you be open and brief, if asked, you left your last company because of your health issues that are thankfully now behind you. Avoid the urge to explain more than they press you, and if cornered by a sharp interviewer then tell the truth. 

Good luck

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Sorry to hear that you got sacked over your illness.

You most likely will need to have an answer for up coming interviews and "There's a cast for that!". Check out the Career Tools casts on "How to answer questions about career history", link below. There are two casts and they are brilliant. I have used them to improve my performance in interviews and the answers were well received.

Best of luck with your job search.