I just saw my profile and noticed it has been a year since I started listening to manager tools. Let me take a moment to thank Mark, Mike and the forum participants for your assistance in helping me gain a foothold in the world of management. I am a nurse. I was a very good nurse. It was apparent to me very soon after I entered management that being a good nurse was not what was going to be required of me anymore. I needed to learn to motivate, persuade, manage conflict, balance workload and on and on.

The podcasts truly have been manager "tools". I have read the books recommended, and those are helpful as well. I have only recently felt minimally competent enough to post to the forums. My learning is ongoing and I appreciate the struggles that others have shared as well.

So thank you everyone. Viva la Manager Tools!


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What you do is important.  Keep seeking to do better. (Luke 11:9)

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and I offer my appreciation to you and your fellow nurses who years ago cared for my daughter when she was deathly ill.  Were it not for some true professionals in our time of need - some who maybe you will one day lead - I would not be here today with the strength to do this.

Viva Nurse Managers!  And Happy Anniversary.