Hi all,


My name is Neil. I spent way too much time in school, but finished up with two B.S., a M.S., and a Ph.D. in Human Factors. In my role, I am pretty much a technical person, but I am finding myself in a larger number of project management roles.

I made the move from Industry (Lenovo)  to Government (DoD) about two years ago. I've also had a couple of stints in Consulting. While there are a number of similarities, some differences do exist which have presented some challenges. A large part of it is tied to some personality differences. A co-worker pointed me here for some additional guidance. I am a High-I with a strong S. Most of my challenges come from High-D, so I am spending a lot of time reviewing the DISC discussions and materials here.

Overall, I am very pleased to have found M-T, so that I can continue growing into a better professional and stronger asset for my organization.