Book recommendation for the new employee (mostly), and possibly the person on temporary assignment making a new start.

I am not a lawyer but the book is titled What Law School Doesn't Teach You... But You Really Need to Know by Kimm Alayne Walton. She could also (For 90% of the topics substitute B-School for Law School. Or simply chance the title to "Basic Vocational Maturity for Interns and/or New Professionals". If there was ever a "CT-Lite" for the younger set (or the older clueless) this is it. The concepts have broad application outside of law.

It is a an overview (with actional behaviors and insightful sidebars(on the (mostly) goofs of others) of basic pofessional behavior -- work habits, perceptions, managing clients (or cstomers), ethics, working with admin staff (huge), dealing with heavy workload and deadlines, and how to generally not shoot yourself in the foot this is it before you get started in yoru career (or new job).

It's light reading (about a 0.5 on the Drucker scale), in paperback, and if I was giving a book to a grad is one that I would at least think about.

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I will have to look at it. Getting students to stop being students and start being employees is sometimes a challenge.

Is there a chapter on the ins and outs of thong-wearing in the workplace? :D

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LOL!!! Not quite. But attire is covered and so are tactfuls ways to ask or find out of you are uncertain about the appropriate attire. This, of course, is preceeded by the concept that attire IS important and that what you wore to an off campus kegger is probably NOT business casual.

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I am so glad that "the ins and outs of thong-wearing" are not an issue for me!


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One of these days I'm just going to start yelling at all the interns to get off my yard.