Several of us are planning a Manager-Tools Meet-up in Arlington, VA for November 12th. We will be meeting at Ted's Montana Grill.  

These have been very valuable to those of us who have attended in the past. We'd like to invite anyone in the Baltimore/DC area that can make it.  Or if you are in town on business please attend.  Per our other meet-ups we will start at 7:00 pm and end no later than 9:00 pm. If you want to hang around after that, it's on your clock not ours.

The agenda we used in the past has served us well, so it's posted below. Hope many in the area will be able to attend. Please reply to this post so we know how many reservations to make at Ted's.


Dave Baldwin



1. Welcome/Introductions if there are newcomers (7:00 p.m.) - Who you are, where you're from, when and why you discovered Manager Tools

2. Update from last meeting (7:15) – Have you overcome any of the challenges you mentioned in the last meeting? How did you do it and what was the outcome? How has the current economic condition affected your situation (new since last time)?

3. Your most powerful manager tool(s) (8:00 p.m.) Which tools have been the most successful/effective for you? Why? Are there any that you've tried that haven't worked?

4. Adjourn (9:00 p.m. or whenever)


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I'm looking forward to it!

- BJ

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Thanks for putting this together.  Looking forward to seeing you there.



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I'm in!

Best Regards,

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So are we going to be all those attending? I'm looking forward to a great evening with lively conversation. Kate said she would make reservations when we get closer to the date.

Looking forward to a mind-manager-stretching evening!