I just got done reading another Barbara Ehrenreich book called Bait and Switch. I loved the first book Nickel and Dimed but found this book to be a bit contrived. In the book, she presents herself with some embelishment as a VP level communications director and shops herself out to big pharma. She goes through all the job search predators and ends up without a job after a year. It seemed to me to be an excersise of her imprinting her conclusions on the experiment before even beginning. Note: There were MANY flaws to her experiment and it was really poorly done. I guess she is trying to set herself up as some kind Morgan Spurlock.

Stay away from this one but her other book, Nickel and Dimed was spot on. That one was about minimum wage workers and how they get caught in a real trap. I liked it. It seemed to be well thought out, executed and reported, albiet with some bias.

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I tihink it's important to note for the record that Ms. Ehrenreich is on record as being virulently anti-corporate, anti-big business, and often infers erroneous intent on the basis of her biases.

I tried to finish Nickel and Dimed and couldn't, for wading through its screed-like nature.

Further, her fundamentally unethical approach to the other book make it off limits for me.