BLUF: Moving on from an interview that went really well with former manager.

Hi, everyone. I had my first truly shrewd career move - I wrote to a former manager! The story is for a different time, but the short story is her New Yorker personality didn't play well in the Southern US, but was awesome for me, because Tourette's needs short and to the point instruction. The culture when she left overall was better, but for me specifically, my new boss told me he didn't know tax (my whole job). So, i'd tell you the culture got worse, because any accomplishment I made for the business, wouldn't be understood. Culture is up to the manager!

I'm a known quantity to her, and she really liked my work. She said, "I talked with my manager about creating a role, and the next day - no lie - your resume shows up on my desk. You were the person I had in mind".

She interviewed me before the position was even posted (May 28, 2019) on the job sites. That was nearly a month ago. The post went to LinkedIn about a week ago (6/18/19). I'm struggling to keep focused.

I've followed the Manager Tools follow up suggestions: thank you notes and an email about a week and a half after the notes.

I'm considered a passive, discerning job seeker - i'm already employed.

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Hi Proc,

That's a great short story. Thanks for sharing. 

Have you gotten an offer? Will you choose to take it if you do?

Keep us posted and let us know how things go.


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Thanks! I really try to write well. I would accept an offer.

I don't have an offer. After a month, I'm not even sure she's the final decision maker. I have another interview somewhere else Monday morning.

I can only present why I'm the best candidate. I'm beyond employable, but the contracting I did in the recession just will not be dropped. It's really stupid.

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So, I heard from her 6/18 and that I was still under consideration. The job description kept popping up on job sites; it was like they were interviewing without an end goal in mind. I never heard from her again.

It's five months later, and i'm still in the current role. I've cleared all the interviews at three different companies over the last two months. All three have said they'll have a decision by end of October (today is 10/24/19). Two are promotions, one is a raise. No offers have been made, as not enough time has past since 10/18, 10/21, and 10/22 to have a decision made (or the dates of the last interviews).

I feel one would make an offer. An accountant with ten years general experience, three and a half in tax, AND Six Sigma training? I've made the decision for them, it's down to them making the right one.


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Hi Proc,

Thanks for keeping the thread alive with update, even if that update wasn't ideal. Everyone likes to share good news; it takes courage to share not-so-great news publicly.

Reaching out to your former manager was still a good move, even if the result wasn't what you were hoping for. Keep it in perspective as the single data point that it is and don't be afraid to do it again in the future or with a different former boss.

Keep cool, stay professional and appreciative.

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The three interviews went really well! Unfortunately, two promoted from within (they told me), and one was hiring a sales tax accountant (me) but the questions were mostly income tax questions, which means they didn't know what they wanted. I didn't get that offer, either.

But, i'm making it to the final rounds of interviews, and interviewing well! I can't do anything about them hiring from within, but the shortage of accountants in my city tells me I won't have this story for long.

My current job moved me laterally to something I don't know a lot about. Someone in authority was telling my boss things about my performance, and I told my boss I had 20 emails to prove he doesn't verify anything he says, and that i'm being blamed for the person's mistakes. I was really angry about the decision. I've stayed professional by keeping my opinions to myself.

I've printed them all, and they reside in my computer bag AND a copy is at home.

Every day i'm here, though, is another day of tenure. Two years! 

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I got a job offer! One of the above employers (that had gone with someone else) called about a month later and said, "We had someone else on the same team give their notice today. Do you still want to come work with us?" The answer was "Yes." When they made the job offer, I asked, "Why have y'all had two open positions in a month?" which is a valid question. She said, "He left for a promotional opportunity". "So am I", I said, "and don't fault him at all. I'm fine with that." If they just fire people, that might not be a good fit for me.

This is a raise and promotion. Very pleased to be leaving dysfunction, equally excited to join a proper tax team.

I'm waiting on the background check to clear. It took some time to get my employers together for past 7 years, because I was a contractor in the recession and needed to GO TO THE CAREER MANAGEMENT DOCUMENT to remember who all I worked for in that time. I don't apologize for it, though. Job hopping is very different from contracting.

Jan 6 is most likely the start date (it's December 5th). They said they wouldn't have me start December 23rd, which would be two weeks from the end of the background check. I said that made no sense for anyone, and may have advocated for that myself, had they not. I'm excited to join, but practically speaking that may not be optimal.

Very excited.

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That's great news, Proc! Thanks for sharing.

Hopefully, they keep communciation lines open and start with some pre-onboarding paperwork and activities between now and your official start date.

If they don't, look for opportunities to reach out and demonstrate continued excitement/appreciation so that it's not just 4 weeks of silence.

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They're going to be in contact with me closer to time for the pre-onboarding. They've been really communicative through the entire process and haven't given me reason to doubt them. It's a functioning operation, which makes it the opposite of my current job.

I give my notice probably Monday, 12/16, for 12/31. I've already prepared all my transition documents. Kind of a 1Q tax plan. SOP's, tax calendars, spreadsheets, everything.

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I'm going to email my new manager before Christmas just to say i'm excited about coming. 

They want to do some pre boarding type of paperwork, but I don't want to just wait on them.

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Congratulations ProcReg. I hope it goes well for you.
It sounds like great news to have before the festive season.

This podcast from 20 minutes onward may be pertinent for you