I attended my first M-T conference last week and really enjoyed both the Effective Manager as well as the Effective Communciation Conferences.

Both days flew by...  I think I stayed for about 9-10 hours for Monday's EM conference and 12 hours (7am - 7pm) during Tuesday's EC Conference.  This included some good networking before the class as well as Q&A with Mark and Mike after the class.

Mark is a sight to behold!  He is so energetic and enthusiastic about management that the class is truly exciting.  There were several short breaks, but Mark even continued to lecture through lunch to make sure we covered all the information and exercises.

During the Effective Management class, we did several exercises following the M-T Feedback Model.  I instantly started to use this model to start providing more positive feedback to team members once I returned to work last week.  I think my reports are perhaps a bit suspicious, but hopefully trust will continue to grow.  Per Mark's suggestion, I will wait to provide some negative feedback for 6-8 weeks.

If you haven't attended this quick 1-day seminar, it is well worth it!  I hope to write a review about it soon on the website.


Ron Holohan
Host of The Project Management Podcast