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Quick question for Mark / Mike...

I'd like 3 of my 5 directs (the three that live in Dallas - they are people managers, BTW) attend the effective manager and communication conference there this October.  I've been using MT techniques for a while now, but I think I might still get some value out of the conference.

The question is:  should I attend a different conference than them?  I worry a little that it might be harder for them to be honest, open, etc. if I was there.  We generally have a good relationship, but I'm curious if it might be better for them to go separately from me.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Hi Michael,

I attended a company-run leadership training course where my boss was present. He set the tone well by switching in to learning mode rather than boss mode, and being willing to make mistakes, admit to things he didn't know, and be open to new things. I came away from that with increased respect for him, although also with increased knowledge of the things he didn't do so well.

If you can do the same, and if you already have a good relationship with those three managers, go for it. The shared experience will be useful, and it will be easier to roll out the trinity following it.


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I attended the Denver workshop with 3 of my directs and my boss and would recommend it to anyone.

Been using Manager Tools for the past 2 years with my directs and they have been thrilled with the results and rolled them down to their directs.  As my direct told my boss once, "you can cut any meeting we have except my one-on-one with my boss".  We communication, build trust, report on assignments, give feedback, coach and delegate just like they talk about on the podcasts.  Those that have struggled in rolling them down get feedback and coaching to keep up the efforts.  In two short years, it has become our management system within our business unit.

By attending together, we have been able to discuss concepts and quotes made at the conference, spent break time discussing applications and follow through together after the conference.  I was embarrassed how much of the skills I had missed once I got to the conference but that was the point in going.  It was well worth the cost and effort to spend to focused and direct time with Mark and Mike (with others) to learn, model and practice the techniques. It has improved our entire team after the conference and we are more direct and focused now in our work and application of the principles/methods of the conference.

We have done the DiSCs and are attending an upcoming ECC together as well.  We have a conference the day after the workshop since we are spread apart geographically and also allows us to discuss application in detail the next day. 

Our experience has been to go as a team and didn't even consider otherwise.  It just made the most sense for us to go as a group and function as that group within our unit afterwards.


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I agree with the comments posted.

Attend together ... you won't regret the opportunity to work as a team and agree on how you're going to manage the group.