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I find that often when I try to post a reply using Firefox, whether using the 'reply' or 'quote' buttons, the forum software puts me in a redirect loop. Sometimes I need to log out of the forum and log back in or more to Internet Explorer. Anyone else having this challenge?

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I do see this occasionally, particularly when I've been working on a post, and switch access points for some reason, which will get me a new IP address. I suspect something slightly odd is going on.

I have a couple of other minor issues I've reported to Mike, and he thinks the problem may be related to the need for multiple cookies to track who is registered, who has premium access, who has the interview series, etc.

I have 13 manager-tools cookies on my system, 7 of them are session cookies. Depending on how the server is configured, session cookies may become invalid if the IP changes, which will happen if you change DHCP. Since some ISPs (and fewer corporate networks) will expire your DHCP lease even when you're still connected, the cookies may be getting mangled for no good reason. Of course, if you disconnect for any reason (like closing your laptop) you may get a new IP when you reconnect.

As for why it gets just "stuck" in the loop, I'd have to speculate. I'd bet it's a bug in the underlying phpBB code, but I haven't tried to look for it. phpBB is Open Source, so if you're up for a bughunt, jump in!