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Announcing the JUNE Atlanta Meet Up!

When: Wednesday, June 27th 6:30pm
Where: UMEZONO (Japanese Restaurant) on Cobb Pkwy and Windy Hill Road (south west corner shopping center).

Its highly motivating to spend time with others who are 'good management minded' and hopefully more will join this month!

Our recurring date has been the last wednesday of the month, but its flexible with enough interest.

Check out previous theads to hear what other attendees have to say about the meet up.

Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend, and feel free to invite others who are interested in good management practices.

Thanks, and we hope you'll join us!


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I will be there this month.

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As always - count me in.

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I wish but unfortunately I can't make it tonight.


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My colleague Reggy, should also be there. Can't wait for some Sushi.

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I just joined the manager-tools forum (this is my first post I believe) after having listened to the podcasts since last year. I gather this is a recurring event (last Wednesday of the month) - do you move the meet around the ATL area or is it always on Cobb Pkwy?

Looking forward to joining you on future meets...


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Okay, so had I read the following thread I would have realized this is a meet that moves around. Looking forward to the July meet.