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Announcing the JULY Atlanta Meet-Up!

When: Wednesday, July 25th 6:30pm
Where: Unique Indian Cuisine in Smyrna

Its highly motivating to spend time with others who are 'good management minded' and hopefully more will join this month!

Our recurring date has been the last wednesday of the month, but its flexible with enough interest.

Check out previous theads to hear what other attendees have to say about the meet up.

Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend, and feel free to invite others who are interested in good management practices.

Thanks, and we hope you'll join us!


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I am a maybe for this. I'm in town for a project near Roswell/Sandy Springs. The maybe part is that I'm not sure when we'll be finished that day. As usual, there is more water than bucket.


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[b]As always, I'll be there![/b]

[b]To the rest of our forum viewers:[/b] If you're interested but have not been able to join us; would a different day of the week or location be better for you? Let us know and we can get the conversation started!

As Alex said, it is highly motivating to spend time with other like-minded managers (and aspiring managers). Everyone is welcome to join us at anytime!

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I'm going to try to be there! :)

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I am in town this week and should be able to make it.

See you there!


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I have something later on that night but I should be able to stop in to say hello.

Sorry I haven't been able to make it to any of the other gatherings yet. Thanks for keeping it up since Buca.

Hopefully see you there.


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See ya there... I might be a little late. I'm having phone issues and will need to swing by a repair center first.

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I expect to be there as well this evening. It is looking like we will have a larger than normal group tonight.

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Hey how was the rest of dinner? smelled and looked really good. It was rough not getting to partake.

Did you guys have any really interesting conversations? Who else showed up? Talk about the new premium content?

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The Atlanta Manager Tools Club met up at Unique Indian in Smyrna on the Northwest side of the metro area close to where I-75 and I-285 meet. Everyone thanked Alex for arranging for all of us to meet there. This group started meeting back in February when Mike and Mark were last in Atlanta and held a dinner for the MT fans here. At that meeting, everyone said, "Wouldn't it be cool if we just kept on meeting with one another regularly?"

And they have! This is my first time attending the club meeting since M&M were here, and it was a great time.

We talked about all sorts of things, although some predominate topics were

* The HDBI (Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator) which arranges your thinking habits and labels them with colors red, yellow, blue, and green. We discussed matrixing this with Disc for even more effective communication and self-understanding.

* Telecommunications - we discussed recent technologies and their impact on our workplaces (at one point US41 pretended to get a blackberry message and pray to the device just to get a cheap laugh)

* We discussed how to deal with difficult work situations and advised one another. One our our attendees showed particular wisdom during the meeting and after in advising two of us (including myself after dinner) on how to deal more effectively with work environment

* We also discussed living in foreign countries such as Finland and Japan and learning foreign languages, the relative value of an MBA, and the value of a PMI certification in project management.

* We talked about how much pressure a manager would be under should he find himself managing another manager tools fanatic and how he (or she) would feel difficulty performing up to expectations without imagining all of the disappointments the new employee was having

* We discussed how entering into a new job can lead to initial hubris, followed by depression once consciousness of ignorance sets in, but how this tends to pass. But then we added a caveat that this still doesn't mean your job does not actually suck. )

* We discussed the premium content and how one member in particular had probably driven the price up 200% with a careless remark to Mark during the first meeting. LOL!

* We talked about MT franchising out like Franklin Covey and whether or not it would be possible to become a "Certified MT Coach".

We wondered where the rest of you were?!? Surely there are more MT Members in Atlanta than this! We were hoping for 100 people to show up! So, Atlanta MT members - please visit us during our next dinner at

Mansell Rd. in North Roswell/South Alpharetta just off GA-400
August 29th, Wednesday

It's a truly wonderful pizza/Italian place.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoyed each other's company.

A picture from last night


Please join us for our next meeting!

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Sounds like a great time. Sorry Mike or I couldn't be there.

And at least now I know where my brother was last night!

There was just an article in WSJ about CEOs who meet to discuss management issues. Why not you guys? Commit to one another, and meet, and bring real issues to the table.


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Real Life rears it head again, so I'm a bit late in following up. I did want to say that I greatly enjoyed meeting everyone. As is usual when spending time with such high quality people, I felt privileged to participate in the conversation.

The quality of information that we covered was impressive. I think the biggest take away for me was thinking about the HDBI model. It complements DISC so well and I'm looking forward to investigating it further. Folks, if you are having a meet in your area, it is very worth your time to attend.

Thank you for keeping this going and for allowing me to be a part of it.