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For all who are intrested in joining some M-T listeners for discussion and food...

A few of those who were at Buca di Beppo are planning to meet...
[b]at[/b]: Frankies (just inside 285 on roswell rd in the Prado)
[b]on[/b]: Wednesday Februrary 28th, 6:30pm

So far, 3 of us are attending but the more, the merrier. Please reply to this post if you plan on coming so I can make the appropriate reservation.

[b]Come ready to share your thoughts and experiences on management![/b]


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Too far South for me, guys. Hopefully the next one will be farther North! :)

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I can't make the Feb 28 get together but would be interested in future meetings.

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Atlanta M-T February Meet-up - it's still on, right?

I still plan to attend tonight. Any others?


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I'm planning for 5+/-1 to be there.

If I'm there alone, no big deal. The food is good and I'll bring a new HBR to get my managment gears cranking. However, I'd prefer company... the more the merrier, of course : )

at: Frankies (just inside 285 on roswell rd in the Prado)
on: TONIGHT! Wednesday Februrary 28th, 6:30pm


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Thanks to Kim, Glynn and Paul for coming to the February Atlanta M-T Meetup at Frankie's last night!

The four of chatted for over 2 hours about our experiences, backgrounds, frustrations and insights into management.

We discussed qualities of good managers, bad managers, performance appraisals and goals, MBTI, DISC and shared some very interesting stories.

Its highly motivating to spend time with others who are 'good management minded' and we hope more will join next month!

Keep an eye out for another announcement soon.