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As I step into my managerial  role, I am questioning how to hold the team meetings with tasks.  Let me explain.


Some managers where I worked hold weekly huddle meetings where they share tasks with the team. Everyone can see what everyone else is working on. There is a long list of projects on the board and the manager assigns the tasks to his direct reports in front of everyone .

Many years back , I reported to a different manager.

There were no huddles often. I only knew the tasks that I worked on but I was not aware of all other tasks that the other team members worked on. Only if I asked them or we happen to need each other’s support.

What are the benefits or drawbacks to each approach ?

Which process works best based on experience and why ?


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I've never been part of a team where assignments were handed out in a huddle, but I've often had team meetings where everyone talks about what they are working on.  I've found this very helpful as it allows team members who may have had a similar experience share their wisdom on what worked and didn’t.  It also allows for an understanding among the team of who’s doing what, so if someone needs to cover a deck, they are not going in cold.