I would like to do some assessment on my directs (store managers) in order to establish what their strengths are. This I hope will form a 'development' plan for their advancement BUT I am hoping that it could also act as a a benchmark for 'role development' and hiring practices for future store openings.

I was wondering whether anyone can suggest a 'starting point'. The issue is that the stores are remote from my location and therefore they only have infrequent visits. Is there anything (tools/ procedures) that can be done with limited or no contact?

Any advice would be appreciated.




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Is there a way to involve the store staff?

BUT - CAUTION - don't set it up as an assessment of the manager. Maybe you set it up as a program to help build observation, give feedback to one another, work together, something like that.

The idea is to gather observations about the menager's behavior without tipping people off about WHY you want it (because the manager will get defensive, the employees will get inlfated sense of their role, etc.).

Just off the top of my head.


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Can you be more specific about what's bringing this on? I am strongly opposed to the idea of using strengths (or lack thereof) as an assessment and/or hiring tool. Different people accomplish professional goals using different tools. Said in DISC terms, a high C will plug away on their own while a high I will rally the troops and use their network.

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Thanks for the feedback. Ultimately what I am trying to establish is what behaviours/ actions shown by the people that are part of the staff team may be critical to the smooth running of the business. Fitting behaviour/ personality to role, 'Profiling' if you wish.

I suspect the 'scope' is too broad, and it comes down to hiring effectively in the first instance, communicating successfully in an ongoing way and building on strengths when they are established on the ground.

Perhaps this is something that cannot be established OR monitored remotely.