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Good afternoon,

I have been with my current organization for over four and a half years and four months ago transferred into a new position.  I had assumed this position was a lateral move until I saw a job posting externally for our organization at the facility where I work.  The position requires a BS in Mech/Elec Engineering(which I possess), 5 years experience(I have 4.5) and the lower level of the salary band is about 5,000 dollars more than what I make.  About 90% of the responsibilities are the same with my position having some responsibilities not outlined in the job description for the posting. 

Part of my move was to gain some new experience so I am not sure if it's appropriate to initiate compensation talks so soon after my move.  However, we have had people leave in the last few months so there may be money allocated for raises in next year's budget. 

Should I approach my manager/HR rep about this?  Or just lay low?

Thanks in advance.


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1) You will look ungrateful if you bring this up 4 months after starting the job and all your previous conversations about the job were about opportunity.   (Sucks, but that's human nature)

2) Make sure you have a copy of that job posting to bring up in future reviews.  

3) Gather some other data about salaries for similar roles outside your organisation to use as benchmark.

4) When you ask for the raise take all your data and build the case for an increase in line with market rate for the job.  That way you're not making it all about you - which reduces any potential conflict, and makes it easier for your boss to sell it to his/her boss.  (More data is better)

5) Bring it up a few months prior to salary or annual review time if your company has those.    I say a few months prior because most companies have set their budgets before they do annual salary reviews - if you want an above normal increase it will be easier to get if your boss can budget for it in advance, rather than have to go back and fight the system.

6) Whenever you bring it up, make sure you're talking to the decision maker if possible (the person who can make it happen).  HR usually can't approve these things.


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Thanks Mark, 

I was thinking maybe in November/December would be the time to do it (if I do it this year).   Our merit raises/promotion raises usually kick in around April or May.  

HR at our company does have some influence in recommending people for promotions/raises. 

I'll touch base with the right decision makers in a few months.