Just wondering where to start in terms of a podcast that covers asking for more. Is there a best way to go about it?


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I thought 'pushing work down' was delegation and 'asking for more' was about asking for work from your own boss.

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I don't know about a cast (I've only been a listener for 2 years and am only 2/3rds through the MT casts), but at the end of my O3, every so often I ask my boss, "Need anything else?"  I make sure to do it with note pad still out (as opposed to walking out the door).  Most often my question is met with, "That's enough for now."  Every now and then I get a simple, "No, thank you."  

Every now and then, my boss asks the group for a volunteer to do XYZ.  I nearly always volunteer.

There have been a couple times in the last 20 years where I have felt under utilized and/or ready for a big jump.  In those cases I went to my boss and said some combination of, "I have a lot more capacity, what else can I do?  Can I take another project/client?  We haven't been very effective with XYZ, can I take XYZ as a challenge?"  

Lastly, I also make sure to have discussions about my career objectives every so often.  That also helps my boss know I am looking for more responsibility as time progresses.