BLUF: Should I ask my manager to take my name off a report he submitted?

My manager asked me to do some work on a project. Collect some data, analyze it, and draft a conclusion with recommendations. There was some existing data and I collected some new data. Based on what I know and experience, I am unable to draw any conclusions from the data set. I told this to my manager and that I recommended taking a new data set with more controlled conditions. In general, he agreed, however he then asked me for the data I had to date.

My manager has now submitted a report to the company with some estimates and conclusions along with the set of data that I supplied to him. I do not think that the data, in its full form, provides for the conclusion that is made in the report.

Should I ask my manager to take my name off the report, or take some other course of action?

Thank you for any help your experiences may provide in this situation.

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Get your name off of the report and have a good email trail detailing your objections.

I had an identical experience while working for a well know energy provider here in England. It was to do with estimating how much fuel a household used just based on 4 questions (this was for door-to-door sales). At the time my analysis suggested that the fuel estimate would be +-40% from the actual amount i.e. it could not be used. My boss (a director) ignored this and proceeded to implement it. Last year this energy company was fined £4 million for it (poor customer service and lying)
The director desperately tried to blame me for this, asserting that I and my team had provided the analysis and recommendations. It was only because I had a detailed email trail stating that this should never be used that I was not blamed for it.
What I have always done with analysis findings is what I learnt while working at the Office for National Statistics. They provide the data, analysis and finding but wash their hands of anything that the government subsequently does with it e.g. spin it,twist it etc.