As I am working in a very young industry/tech company, I am a bit lost with regards to finding guidance on how to choose the right experiences and career steps.

While I find many resources on how to be a good manager (I am a junior manager), I am not sure how to make the right steps, choices and actions to get into the mindset/exposure/etc. that could give me opportunities to get promoted even higher.

I know there are many external factors involved such as politics and connections, but I am looking for any aspects where I could still work on developing and improving myself before anything.

For example, right now I am faced with a choice between staying in the same company and move from junior manager across to a more in-depth analytical role (higher pay, but less managerial responsibilities) VS moving to a slightly less advanced company but in a "manager / middle manager" role.
I am not sure which one will help me gain more exposure and experience to one day become a good senior/executive manager,

So... do you know if there are any resources to find guidance on such questions... top books, articles, websites, anything, on this subject?

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Hi Alex,

I would suggest weighing up which role is going to give you the experience and opportunities that will take you forward towards where you want to be.

Mark would tell you it isn't about how much money you can make now.  Mark took a job with P&G that paid half of what he could make elsewhere because it provided him with great opportunities.  He thinks it was one of his best ever career choices.

Rather than a book, there is an enormous amount of material in the Career Tools archives and it is all free on this site already.  There is a whole series of casts on choosing a company to work for.  8 of them, I think.  There is some really good guidance in there about how to make choices between options.

Hope that helps


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