Hi all,

I've been searching through the casts for anything that might give tips on 'appearance'.  I'm a director, hoping to be a VP one day and I'm wondering what guidance there is in looking the part.

Is it as simple as observing what the VP's and execs wear and emulating something similar?  How much weight does appearance carry?   What about hair cuts, beards, etc.?  I'm asking from the male perspective obviously, but also curious as to the female equivalent.

If not available in MT, where can such guidance be found?  And recommendations?

Many thanks


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 I have read and learned from others that you should dress for the position that you want. I would not say copy exactly what the person wears but if they wear a suit, well I would wear one when appropriate. I wear a neck tie when appropriate and then even when I am casual make it professional.  I think facial hair is one that at least in my company the people in leadership are clean shaven and the hair cuts are conservative but not a buzz cut. I look forward to hearing what other people do and think. 



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I wish there were more casts on appearance, but I can't think of any for men off the top of my head - although it does get addressed in a few casts as a secondary idea.

Copying what more senior people do is a smart idea - if for no other reason that people tend to gravitate to those who are like them.

People tend to dress conservatively because that reduces their risk.   It may not be fair, but first impressions count and most people want to be perceived favourably.  Your attire should not require an explanation.

Men have the advantage that classic, tailored styles tend to stay in fashion.  They look good and are widely accepted (and therefore seen as conservative).   You can't go wrong with a good suit or two - which you can then mix up with shirts, ties and shoes for variety.  Seek the advice of your local tailor, they can usually advise on what flatters you.

There are also a few good books on the subject - I'm going through a couple now, trying to get a feel for this subject myself.   Of course, the internet has a wealth of free advice.

(Of course, if you are a genius with flair you can get away with anything.  The smartest man I ever met had punk rock hair the day I met him - he turned out to be my new CEO.    Having said, that I notice he always slicked his hair down and parted it on the side for photos and important meetings!  So he obviously felt that a conservative appearance is often appropriate)