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First time poster - love the casts!

My question concerns the hiring and development of first line supervisors (aka FLS's, shift leaders, or shop foreman) who work rotating shifts.  I was wondering if anyone had considered the application of the manager tools down to this level - the casts seem to apply more to the manager level and up (thus the name of the show...heh).  In my experiences I have noticed the following gaps:

- Poor success-rate in hiring quality candidates

- Little agreement over questions that should be asked during interviews and overall approach that should be taken to improve the hiring process

- Frequent disagreement over whether they should have a college degree

- No agreed-upon vision to develop people management skills vs. training on the processes that their direct reports run (both take time and resources)

- Perceived "separation" between the FLS's and the rest of the salaried organization - they therefore tend to blend with their directs' culture and frequently become "buddies" with their shifts/./

- Poor effort by management to develop them into into Area or Day Leaders - the move lately has been to hire engineers with no people management experience into these positions.

Any thoughts are welcome with hopes that Mike and Mark may be willing to do a cast on this topic one day!




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Manager Tools works at *any* level.

Think about have a team where everyone (1) knows how to present, (2) knows how to leave professional voicemail messages, (3) knows how to interview, (4) knows how to provide feedback, (5) knows how to apologize, (6)...(7)...(8)...

I have former directs who followed MT and now have been promoted *twice*. In my current post I have at least two directs regularly listening to the casts. This stuff works.

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 I highly recommend this cast:

The discussion of "Joe" the shop floor manager adopting the trinity addresses its adoption by just the roles you describe. 

Speaking from experience:  this stuff works!

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I'm a front-line supervisor, despite my title being "Manager." I find a lot of value in Manager Tools; in the case of a podcast that doesn't apply, I listen anyway just in case maybe it'll apply in the future... hopefully I'd remember there had been a podcast on that and be able to look it up.

The Trinity is completely applicable at this level and incredibly helpful.

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If you can, don't stop at the FLS's.  I would even try and get the individual contributors (IC) in on the information as well. 

If you have an IC with little education having to discuss with his/her supervisor in a o3 about DISC behaviors, how to get along with the organization around them, what and how management looks at them and their role in the company, the whole team benefits. 

The IC might even develop leadership characteristics you would not have benefited from...