I received an iPod classic for Christmas so I now have 160 GB of space for podcasts and a few songs. The only problem is that I seem to be techno-retarded when it comes to this thing. Nevermind that I can Photoshop like a whiz, run three websites and discussion boards and create pivot tables in Excel like a maniac -- for the life of me, I cannot seem to get the iPod to do what it's supposed to do.

I can't load iTunes on my work laptop (security restrictions) so it got loaded on my home desktop. Naturally, I had all the MT podcasts on my work (verboten) laptop so I put them in a folder and dragged/dropped onto the iPod so that when I connected the USB cord to the desktop, I could drag them back off.

After doing the initial setup and auto-sync thing, the 33 podcasts I had were indeed loaded onto the iPod and the iTunes software had them designated as File Type of "podcast" but when I ejected & disconnected, they didn't show up on the iPod as podcasts. Instead, the software had decided that there was an ALBUM of 33 "songs" by M&M.

Nothing I did would change any of that. I even tried to tell iTunes I would manage things manually but when I did that, it would just eject my iPod every single time so that I couldn't do anything.

I tried three or four times to import the file of podcasts but either that process never happened or they ended up in some nebulous ether.

I've got the iPod listed on eBay already because I'm so flippin' frustrated with this whole process but I think I may be cutting off my nose to spite my face.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

(I think it's bad enough that I've already listed the Palm Centro cell phone my husband gave me because I found that even more annoying & frustrating than the iPod -- I would hate to sell off both of the high-ticket items he gave me.)

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When you connect a USB device that allows you to store files on it to a PC, you have to stop the device before you disconnect it, or the files will not show up. Worse, you could corrupt the storage space on the device and have to reformat it.

If you are dragging mp3 files onto the iPod...


1. Plug the iPod into your PC
2. Transfer whatever files to it.
3. When you are finished, then go down to the taskbar and right click on the icon with a green arrow showing a gizmo ejecting
4. Click on the selection to stop the device
5. When the window comes up, choose your iPod then click the stop device option
6. A pop up will display saying "It is now safe to remove your device"
7. Unplug the USB cable from the device or the PC


1. Find the icon for the iPod on your desktop
2. Right click it
3. Choose "unmount."
4. A pop up will ask you if you want to empty the trash - recommend YES
5. The icon will disappear from the desktop
6. You can now disconnect the cable

I don't know how it works on an Apple. I prefer to build my own PC's and replace my own parts when something goes wrong rather than using a manufacturer to repair it.

I have this same issue with my Blackberry Curve 8300. I connect it to the PC, drag some mp3's onto it, get in a hurry and yank the cable out. The files do not show up. Also the files will not show up if they are within subfolders, but given that MT podcasts probably all store in one folder, I doubt you have this problem.

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I don't have a problem getting the files onto the iPod. I'm having issues with where they're displaying. They show up as Music instead of Podcasts. I really don't want to be rockin' out to Neil Diamond (LOL!) and have my tranquility interrupted by M&M or vice versa, ya know?!

I'm starting to think that the iPod classic isn't intended to work with Windows Vista.

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If you find a solution, I'd love to hear it. I've tried many times and haven't been able to determine how to *manually* download a podcast and get it into the podcast section of iTunes.

I don't believe it can be done ... and I'd love to be proven wrong.


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I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's facing this! Meanwhile, how do you keep manually loaded casts from shuffling into your music? Can that be done with playlists?

I do have a help ticket going with Apple so as soon as I have an answer from them, I'll be glad to share.

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I have this same problem with some other downloaded podcasts, but there's an easy fix for the MT podcasts. Sign up as a registered member (if you're not already) and then put the link for the member's only feed into iTunes -- voila! All of the shows are downloaded and properly segregated as podcasts. This will give you all of the podcasts (200+). I'm guessing the same thing would work if you have the premium membership, too.

Hope this helps,


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I let iTunes sync automagically and things seem to work fine. Except... when I put my iPod into shuffle mode - then it treats all content types equally. In that case, I've created several playlists that include a genre (or the phrase "and podcast = False").

I'm a geek (former UNIX kernel programmer) so doing things manually has some appeal, but don't fight the tool.

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I've now added the Member feed to iTunes and that brought over one cast (from yesterday) and appropriately located it in the Podcast section but I can't make the thing grab all the previous casts.

After it grabbed that one, I did change the settings to say "When new episodes are available, download ALL" instead of just "the most recent one" which should help moving forward. Here's hoping M&M put a new one out there soon! LOL

I don't know that I'm up to messing with kernels though. I envision popcorn when I hear that term so it's probably best for me to leave well enough alone on that front.

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Itunes is designed to download podcast subscriptions, not manual podcast downloads and drag and drop. The manual function is like the send/receive function on Outlook if you have turned off the "toaster" function.

So you have to go onto iTunes and subscribe to the podcasts, not manually drag them over. Once you subscribe to the podcasts, they will all go nicely into the nice podcast folder and even label it for you.

For now, make a new playlist called MT and drag the podcasts into that file away from your music.


PS - how much you want for the Centro? ;)

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They're designed to work together to play audio and video files. You can use the iPod to transfer data, but those files are outside the iTunes environment, so it just treats them as generic data. If you want to manage the files manually, you probably do need a different player. Apple is on the easy/inflexible side of the scale.

If you go to the podcast section of the iTunes store, you can download individual episodes of any podcast. The problem with that is, if you subscribe to the cast you wind up with duplicates.

What I wound up doing is managing iTunes, by selectively syncing old podcasts. iTunes has an unfortunate default that it plays the most recent podcast first, no matter how you sort them. That makes it a pain to listen to MT series - I have to either sync one at a time, or play them from the bottom of the list up.

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... I use an iRiver music player for my podcasts. It shows up as a disk and I drag-and-drop what I want into the "music" folder, wait for the thing to say it's done transferring files, and away I go. It's only 1GB, but I've never heard the guys talk that long. ;)

Just tossing in an alternative. I have an iPod now and like it very much, but I still have the iRiver because you don't need iTunes to sync it. :)

Best of luck!!

Sam Baskinger

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What a pain. I recommend an inexpensive "not Apple" solution to unbind yourself from iTunes. Ebay the iPod. Non-proprietary Mp3 players with 1GB or 2GB are less than an inexpensive lunch for two.

I'm sorry that I wasn't any help. Apple's proprietary formats and controlling policies are an alien world to me.

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The high 'D' in me is always searching to find work arounds.

I ran into a similar problem when I recorded a bunch of audio books onto my iPod. I just created several playlists. Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Audio Books, etc.

As far as the MT Podcasts, if you just click on the iTues button found on the members only page of this site (thanks a bunch Mike), it will deliver everything into the Podcast page of iTunes. If it shows up as a podcast, it won't mix with your music unless you want it to.

Good Luck,

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Sorry about the double click on the post comment button!

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In iTunes, if you highlight any content you want to skip when in "shuffle" mode, right-click and opt for "get info", there's a check box on the bottom-right which when checked will leave that content out of any shuffled play. Very useful for downloaded mp3 podcasts which iTunes doesn't recognise as such.

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It's on the "options" tab, if i remember rightly.

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First, manually added files will always end up in the Music area, but this is okay.

Put Neil Diamond in one playlist and Manager Tools in another playlist. Then you can shuffle and neither the twain shall meet.

I actually just posted in another discussion some simple steps to doing just this: Hopefully I've caught you before you've let go of your iPod.

I've used some generic MP3 players and a couple generations of iPods. My experience was the opposite. The iPods just worked with almost no effort. The MP3 players were so labor intensive and I still was having to change my behavior to conform to the player.

I think the root of the problem is crossing the streams. Apple wants you working within their ecosystem. They can test that. There is no way Apple can test all of the other podcatchers to work with their products. When you stay within the iTunes Store-iTunes-iPod system, everything clicks very well.

Had I seen this earlier, I would have recommended subscribing to Manager Tools Member's-Only feed at home and use the Get All button. That way iTunes knows that they are podcasts and would make them available in the Podcast area. You can still download and listen to episodes on your work laptop (verboten). Just don't try to mix the two.

I actually prefer using Playlists over the Podcasts area of the iPod. If you have a few episodes, you have to start each one separately. With longer episodes like Manager Tools that is okay, but shorter shows like Grammar Girl, it becomes a royal pain. Set up the Smart Playlist and you can hit play and just let it run episode after episode. This is especially great for roadtrips. Plug it in, turn it on, and hit the road. Three hours later you haven't had to mess with your iPod and the hits just keep coming.

If you're still frustrated with the iPod, let me know and we'll figure out a trade. I am also available for online tutoring if it would be easier for you to talk through or step through some of these issues. That offer is open to any Manager Tools listener. Send me a private message and we'll work through it.


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I've had to load iTunes on a number of different computers after I had started downloading podcasts with a different computer. I think there is a way to get podcasts in the podcast directory. I just remembered I do this in Windows. I'm not sure this will work on a Mac.

Let's start with iTunes is designed for managing music on your computer and syncing with the iPod. It doesn't like using the iPod to move files, though you can do it.

Start by subscribing to the same podcast in the destination iTunes. This will create a folder under iTunes Music\Podcasts. After the first episode downloads, right-click on it and Open in Windows Explorer. (Mac may be able to open in Finder.)

Now move the audio file(s) into this folder. Remember where on your computer this folder is from the Address bar. We'll have to browse to is shortly.

Go back into iTunes and we want to Import a Folder. (I think it is in the File menu under Library.) Now browse for the folder where the moved files are. I know there are some files that are already in the iTunes library, iTunes knows.

This is going to take some time, so grab a snack. iTunes is verifying duplicates in its library file and added new files to it. It should put things under the right headings in the podcasts directory. If not immediately I believe this will heal itself the next time iTunes checks for new episodes of subscriptions.

I don't think you're wrong. When iTunes copies a file from the iPod (especially the older generations), it automatically puts it into the Music library, not the Podcast library. Even if this happens, Smart Playlists will put files from either library back together into a combined playlist so you can play them all together.


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Yeah, playing podcasts from the podcast area is cumbersome at best. My bet is Apple isn't worried about this because they are all using Smart Playlists (

These give you a lot more control on what appears in the playlist, what syncs to your iPod, and what order things get played back in.

I set up a Smart Playlist limited to the least recently added (i.e., oldest) episodes and then sorted that on the Release Date attribute. Using a Play Count is 0 rule in there, I can listen to episodes in order and after I've listened to one, iTunes takes it off the iPod and replaces it with the next unplayed episode. I keep four or five episodes on my player at all times making it easy to catch up on old episodes without using space I can keep open for music or other podcasts.