I am looking to make a move from outsourcing/operations into consulting.  My primary area of focus would be Human Resources Technology solutions.  Has anyone made a similar switch and have any insight about potential pitfalls or barriers to entry?

I feel like I have always maintained a very strong hold on the business/domain side and that this is a good fit for me personally.  However, despite having advised clients for over 10 years I have never carried the "consultant" tag....

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I know I am by far to late to respond to this question but it fits well and might of interest to the audience.


More and more best practices in IT Outsourcing, typically sold be Sourcing Advisors are available as best practice, e.g. in standardisation documents (e.g. the British BS 11000 on supplier relationship management) or build in in online tools offered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

On e example is the pliXos set of tools (e.g. Even further, there is an offering in the market "SaaS tools plus Consultant" under the brands "Sourcing Advisory as a Service (SAaaS(R)) out of Germany. Anyone inteersted in that (e.g. to partner for the US) shall please contact me. [email protected]