We are looking for a way to introduce DISC and the idea of different personality types in our organization.
Our organization here in Taiwan has both English and Chinese speaking employees, so we are in need of a bilingual training course.
So far only the local (Taiwan) representation of "True colors" ( meets that requirement.

Does anyone have experience with True Colors?
What did you think about their training program?
Did it align well with DISC?



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I have recently joined an organization that uses True Colors and I don't find that it lines up very well with DISC. Where DISC operates on communication styles, True Colors focuses more on personality type, which I think is not as helpful in the workplace.

In addition, the 4 types that TC uses also don't align neatly with the 4 DISC types, which means you won't be able to mentally translate if you are used to DISC (this is my current situation and it is incredibly frustrating). 

I found some TC materials online in this gallery if you want to take a look. You'll see there is little alignment with DISC.

Hope that is helpful. Please send me a message if you need any further information.